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Topics that will be discussed here include Auras (as in viewing and general information), Astral Projection, the Chakras, Reincarnation and Karma.

When the physical body prepares to die, the aura begins to detach itself to make the transition more smooth. This could be why, when a person dies a suddenly, they don't realize they're dead. This is a common cause of haunted sites.

Many people who grew up in tramatic circumstances are more prone to seeing auras and sensing the emotions of the people around them. This could be due to conditioning through the attempt to avoid unwanted situations.

~The aura is commonly known as the spiritual extension of the body. It can range in color to nearly any hue or shade and, depending on the person's mood or actions, can give off many different colors and any variation thereof. Normally, the aura will show the current health, emotion/s and, to people sensitive enough to recieve such, an image of a guide or pastlife. One can tell an oncoming illness or mental imbalance and can also show (again, to those sensitive and learned enough) if a person is lying or protecting themself for any reason.

~This, of course, comes with a great deal of practice and meditation of sorts. The more time you spend watching the auras of the people around you, the more able you are to see every layer and/or color a person wears. The aura extends beyond the physical things that a person holds or wears, such as clothing or tools, so it's rarely impossible not to see someone's aura.

~It may take one years, or simply moments, to learn to see auras - it depends on the individual learning how and their capabilities at such. A good way to view an aura is to let your eyes go out of focus and, most often, use the peripheral vision to catch an impression of the energy that surrounds someone. (This also works with plants or non-living objects, as everything has at least a slight aura.)

~The aura is what's mostly affected during Reiki or any other Faith Healing and also, the 7 main Chakras. The heat is also part of the aura - this is a good indication of whether or not an area of the body is giving off energy or in need of more energy. (If an area is in need of energy, it'll more often be cold.) These are imbalances and, the best way to tell if an area needs more energy is if it's more cool than the rest of the body. Heat in any area means the opposite - that the area may be giving off too much energy and needs to be balanced. This is not always the case, however, and any energy imbalances will be more easily detected with practice.

~Of course, all this being said at the risk of sounding hoakey but, after experiencing much of this for myself and knowing many others (and no, they aren't nonsensical or foolish) that have seen things like all this and more, one starts believing the things being brought before them. There aren't many of these topics that can be prooved physically and, because of this, have much criticism in the areas of science and the social world. It's also one of the hardest topics to explain to those who refuse to accept the possibility, let alone the probability, of all the subject matter on this site. You must use your own judgement to decide what's right for you.

~Dwell on things you learn and make sure the idea/s have ground to stand on. Don't be too gulible when reading through *any* website - a lot of them contain presumptuous information that, in some cases, is more harmful than good. In the end, you decide what you want to believe.

~It is possible to see an aura when looking directly at the outline of somebody, however, if you aren't able to naturally, teaching yourself is the only option. Remember, everybody has different potential and different latent abilities. It just depends on how much you develope yourself. There are too many reason and variables for me to simply give one here - you'll have to find out on your own if you want to know it that badly. Or, give Karma the credit and move on; don't dwell on the 'Why' for too long or it'll distract you from getting anywhere. ~Everything in moderation.~

There are a lot of things in the physical world that we're hardly aware of in our day-to-day lives. How many things might occur in the spiritual realm without us even realizing?

A tingling or heavy-limbed sensation often accompanies Astral Projection or deep Meditation. This could be a possible effect of the separation between the spiritual and physical bodies. An odd sensation may also come with the separation of the physical and spiritual bodies. With some, a large thunder-clap can be heard, sometimes distracting the practitioner from the separation. There is no clear explanation for why this occurs.


There are, in total, over a hundred small chakras covering the physical body. Only seven of these are considered major and run the lenth of the body from the genitals to the top of the head. There are 5 chakras believed to rest above the head, in the aura, that connect us to the different metaphysical realms, which includes the Astral Planes.

The main 7 ones are located in the following areas:

~The genitals (the root chakra)

~The spleen (the sacral chakra, about 2-3 inches down from the naval)

~The Solar Plexus (right below the xyphoid process - just under where your ribcage splits)

~The heart (just to the left of the center of the body, though not necessarily over the heart itself)

~The throat

~The third eye (about 1-2 inches above the bridge of the nose)

~The crown (at the very top of the head)

The different main chakras affect the different organs and their functions. If one has an illness, it could be due to an imbalance or blockage in one of these chakras.

A good technique to balance the chakras is to concentrate white light over each area. The colors that correspond with the different chakras also works with visualization.

The different colors are as follows:

(Listed from the root chakra to the crown)
1.) Red

2.) Orange

3.) Yellow

4.) Green

5.) Blue

6.) Indigo

7.) Violet

~Another beginner's technique to seeing an aura:

Make sure there's a solid color in front of you so you can more clearly see the outline of the aura. White works best for me, especially when there's a lamp to the side and no overhead light. Pick the background color that best suits you. Hold your hands in front of you at a comfortable distance, eye-level, open-palmed. Slowly pull them apart until they're between 6 & 9 inches away from each other and let your peripheral vision work for you. They may seem to connect. If you let your eyes go out of focus, this helps greatly. (The proper way to do this would be to hold your hands about 6 inches from your face and about an inch apart at the fingertips, then allow your vision to make your fingers touch, keeping your hands in place. Do this again when you pull your hands apart.) It *is* possible to see auras while wearing glasses, though for some it may be more difficult than for others. Of course, you can always teach yourself to do things like this and, it may in fact help you to see them better in the long run.

~Simply put, Reincarnation is the act of the soul finding a new body after a life cycle has completed. A very ancient belief, it was even taught among Christian circles until Emperor Constantine and the Council of Nicea. (For a good reason in his own mind, it was due to everybody holding the belief that 'If I mess up in this life, I'll make up for it in the next.' Little did he know this would shut out the *possibility* of Reincarnation in most people's minds.) At any rate, there are equally well-based arguments for both sides though, with the amount of people who've experienced past-life memories, this would seem to side more with the believers.

~There are many reasons that people are incarnated into the circumstance and status they are, but there are 3 common patterns for this.
1.) Hereditary Reincarnation (a soul or souls stay together in the same family line).
2.) Carefully chosen roles to be reborn with the people they knew in past lives.
3.) Roles (or the Hindu belief in Dharma) in which the spirit learns specific life lessons.

~Also an ancient belief, Karma can be viewed in two different ways. The first is the Karmic Law of Three, which states that whatsoever you give out comes back to you threefold. Good or bad, Karma is the Cosmic Equalizer, a sort of invisible hand of justice that takes mercy on those that have given it. The second is the belief that for every good occurance, there must be a bad one to balance it and vice-versa.

~The idea, though less kind in nature, could explain why such tragic things happen to thousands or more at the same time (i.e. earthquakes, tsunamis or, even, genocide).

~Edgar Cayce, a.k.a. the Sleeping Prophet, lived from March 18, 1877 to January 3, 1945. He diagnosed hundreds of people with illnesses that some doctors couldn't diagnose themselves, a great deal by mail alone. In trance, he would visit what's known as the Akashic Files or, a spiritual library of sorts, said to hold a 'copy' of every document ever written. It's also said to be able to take people (via the Astral Planes) to any point in history, even the future. Some say it can look however you want it to and, being on the Planes, you can meet other people that may live on the other side of the world during conscious life.

~Through the Akashic Records, he was also able to give great detail of the lost continent of Atlantis. In fact, there were over a thousand readings done on the topic (apparently only a fraction of his thousands of readings), though mostly to do with people's roles during that time. He also spoke of Lumeria/Mu and the destruction of both island continents and of the refugees that survived in South America, North America, Europe and Africa.

~The Akashic Records appear to the viewer however they think it should look. This is due to thier location in the Astral Planes and the mental capabilities of every person visiting them. There, you can access any point in history and see events as they really happened. Any future event, however, is subject to change as everything that happens is affected by the decisions and reactions of the people involved.

~The Planes themselves are as simple as the realm spirits that surround us dwell in or, as complex as the Divine Beings and thier duties. The higher frequencies are reserved for the latter but it's not impossible to get to these levels. It's difficult to concieve these different levels and so it's harder for some to get there; how do you separate the spirit from the physical body if you've never done it before? You have to practice and familiarize yourself with the way it feels and, gradually. In a way, it feels like you're dreaming though, in great detail.

~Some dreams are a form of Projection and with some people, the difference is easy to recognize. You have more control over the things you see and do and, in some cases, the things that happen around you.

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