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Here we provide links to any of the information about topics on our website or any site that we feel you should visit.  Any site with an asterisk ( * ) is an ORm recommended site.

Reiki, Wicca & Other Related Sites:

The Inner Sanctum

Witch's Voice

Avatar Search - the Online Occult Search Engine

Related Topics:

Dire Gnosis 2012

Edgar Cayce - the Sleeping Prophet*


Metaphysical Site on Astral Projection

Association for Research and Enlightenment

Miscellaneous Links:


Dream Moods

The Great Pyramids

Antiquity of Man

The History Channel

Lenamy Sakke. I've lived in several different states and have ended up in a very good place. I've recently (before the new year, 2005) have converted back to Christianity for my own reasons. Before this, I was Wiccan and had been near about 4 years. I practice Reiki, meditation and energy work. I've been given my 4th attunement and, by normal Reiki standards am considered a Reiki Master. (The true definition of a Master is someone who knows more than you.) I'm not always able to keep up with the site, but I try, so bear with me.


The "Mind & Body" Section of - it has a lot of interesting tests for self-discovery and things of the like...
A definite site you'll want to visit to see a different perspective on your core character.  Some of the tests can be a bit biased but, for the most part, they seem to be rather accurate.
(Just click on 'Title' and it'll arrange them in alphabetical order.)

A link for MTV's Oddities "The Maxx" group on Yahoo!360. (NOT Official.)

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Various sites considered Occult or New Age.

(Be careful when reading some material; people experience things differently - the difference in experience is as unique as the the person experencing it. Some of the information given in certain sites states things that may or may not be common to everybody. Just because you don't experience something that one of these sites states as definite ideas or processes does not mean that you're wrong. Either way, your perception is your truth, and that is fact.)


Astral Projection:
~Detail os Astral Projection and some links to different processes

~A website listing the Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean as translated by Doreal, a member of the Brotherhood of the White Temple; translated around the time of discovery, in 1925. Be sure to read the Preface as well as the Introduction. Both hold interesting material about what the Tablets are made of and other various knowledge of them.
~Another site listing the first 10 Emerald Tablets, though they're not written in a flowing manner - more paragraph form than that.
~The (official?) website for the Brotherhood of the White Temple.
~Another site listing the Emerald Tablets, though in a more rhythmic pattern.

~Has some pics, and a bit of information. Good for beginners - includes a technique of seeing an Aura.
~Information on Auras and the Chakras.
~A color guide and various information.

~A technique and various information.
~Lauren on practicing Meditation. *States that Astral Projection is not possible without sleep. This is not true, otherwise you wouldn't be able to Astral Project when conscious. The Physical Body simply mimics what it does naturally every time you go to sleep, though sometimes can react to what happens to the Astral Body.

Various Indecies and other related information:

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