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This page is for subjects such as Reiki, Faith Healing, Perception and Synchronicity. Various subjects may be added at any time.

Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP)

~All of the Clair- abilities can be considered part of ESP, however, the subject is more than just this. This includes (but is not limited to) - Remote Viewing, Telekinesis, Psychokinesis, Telepathy, reading cards designed for the purpose of testing one's abilities, etc. In fact, you could say that those just mentioned are yet further abilities of Clairvoyance and the like. (Refer to the Index for more information.)

Faith Healing

Using personal energy (what you could consider being fueled by faith...) to heal yourself or an friend. Religious people sometimes use their faith in the Creator to help. Basically put, you will the subject to be healed. Unless you've practiced it before it rather hard to explain but the best description would be through faith.

The Bible states that if one were to have enough faith to fill a mustard seed, you could move a mountain. If you take this in a more literal sense, a little faith goes a long way. Many people are far too sarcastic when they try to think of things of this nature in a purely religious sate of mind.

Whether or not people aware of it, the aura is the main factor that affects them. It's a bit like finishing a circuit; it runs at a basic level until you practice exercises such as yoga, meditation, Reiki to name a few.


Considered to be a more specific form of Faith Healing, it uses pure energy to heal the body or dispel negative energy. It began less than 200 years ago in Japan by one Dr. Makio Usui. It uses symbols that have specific meanings, 'written' into the aura by a Reiki Master, often done in groups gathered to add to the energy transfer.

Qualities of the Will (Edgar Cayce)

~Excerpt taken from Edgar Cayce: Modern Prophet, pages 414-415,
Published in 1990 by Gramercy Publishing.;
Originally released as: Edgar Cayce on Mysteries of the Mind by Henry Reed,
Originally published in 1989 by the A.R.E.

Please see the Suggested Reading section in the 'Submissions & Etc.' page!

~Hidden in the shadows, behind the superhero willpower, the true will is the dynamic, propelling force of every soul. Cayce viewed the will as one of the three dimensions of the soul, along with spirit and mind. In _Paradox of Power: Balancing Personal and Higher Will_, Merk Thurston provides an in-depth discussion of Cayce's perspective on the will. Examining the many times Cayce referred to the acivity of the will, Thurston found that it had nine essential qualities.
~The will is the Chooser. Souls have the same free will as their Creator. It is a freedom of choice. Among the various patterns the mind generates, the will can choose the one upon which to focus attention. The path of attention in fact, is a good place to watch the footprints of the will. Our attention follows our will. When the will is inactive, our attention and our behaviour follow the path of habits. When the will is active, we become more aware of our choices and more in-touch with our reality as creative souls.
~The will is the Active Principle within the soul. The spirit dimension of the soul is pure energy, without pattern or direction. The mind patterns the energy while the will directs it. It is the will that provides the soul with its impetus [incentive, catalyst] for growth and evolution. Without the will, the mind's past patterns completely determine the manifestation of spirit. When this active principle is dorman, or hidden, our actions appear to be the passive follower of habit or mood.
~The will is the Motivator. That is the quality of the will that helps us take initiative. It gets us moving in a particular direction. It channels our energy into action. When the will is dormant, it becomes hard to take action on our wants. We are stuck in the daydreaming, wishing stage of living. We are full of good intentions, but can't seem to start anything.
~The will is the Changer. It is the will that stops us in a chain of thought and says, "Hold on here! I don't have to think this way!" Metnal patterns have a life of their own, following the rules of the mind. It is the will that can give the mind a turn and steer it in a new direction. It is the ability of the will to release us from the grip of a particular mental pattern. When the will is active, it can change our habits. Cayce indicates that it is the will that frees us from our past.
~The will is the Developer. While the patterns of the mind are governed by the past, the will is directed toward the future. The mind knows patterns; the will knows objectives. While the mind may shift from one pattern to the next, the will holds to a particular pattern and perseveres to the completion of the goal. Whereas the mind is easily bored with repititiousstimulation, the will has the patience to remain focused until it meets its objective.
~The will is the Individualizer. It is what distinguishes our individuality, our true self, from our personality. Much of our personality is learned, and represents only a certain surface part of our being. During the course of a lifetime, we are presented with thousands upon thousands of choices. Each choice takes us down a different road. The sum total of our choices is our individual path.
~The will is our Guide. How can we choose among the patterns in the mind without some basis of selection? The will guides the choices. The will can also direct the creative function of the mind. Once it is awakened, the will is a source of guidance that we can turn to for help and direction.
~The will is also the Agent of Obedience. It is that part of us that is *willing* to be subject to influence. The will is what makes it possible for us to be guided by influences byond the individual self. it can open us up to the influence of the spiritual forces contained in ideals.
~Finally, the will exists in oppostition to the mind. Many of the qualities of the will discussed involve some kind of opposition to the mind. The will can oppose the habits of the mind, it can oppose the momemtnum of the mind and, it can reactivate the inertia of the mind. Most of the time [when we] speak of willpower, in fact, we are talking about the struggle of the conscious mind to oppose or control the activity of the will. Willpower is the domain of the conscious mind. It is a counterfeit will. Willpower is the creation of the conscious mind to make up for the loss of contact with the true will. To learn to awaken the authentic will, we need to go deeper than the workings of conscious mind.

Of course, with all things, you must practice to be able to fully use the latent, innate or developed abilities you may have to their full potential. Everybody wants to know how to do something the best they can without spending any time on it but this is not a safe thing to do. It's possible to overextend your perception and get a big shock of unwanted or higher energies that may either throw off or block the Chakras and/or 'collect' bad Karma.
What is the truth? Is it a person confessing to a lie they'd started? A 'guilty' person being found innocent? It's all this, but what we all must realize is that truth is based on perception. If you perceive that these words are red, then that is the truth to you, no matter the reason. Anyone whose ever waited outside a bathroom door knows that the meaning of a minute can be relative - for them, it's a minute; for you, it's an eternity. Either way, the perception of time determines that person's truth. The truth is, that person really had to go to the bathroom, but the length of the minute seemed longer to them than the person they were waiting on. You believe in the things you choose to believe in, otherwise they are untrue to you. These examples may not be rather varied, but you can use them in most any situation. The message is still the same. You create your reality, and nothing can change that (not even you).

A French author by the name of Anais Nin said it best when she wrote the following in one of her diaries:
"When others asked the truth of me, I was convinced it was not the truth they wanted, but an illusion they could bear to live with."
November, 1933 The Diary of Ana´s Nin, Volume One 1931-1934
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