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Welcome to the OWRm.
This is where you can find everything we have to offer.  We are in search of things that most people believe to be myth or exagerations.  Topics range from Reincarnation to psychic ability to hypnosis and beyond...

The purpose of this site is to explore such topics as paranormal phenomena and things of this nature.  Look over the site to aid you in your own search for truth.  This site is also for those who don't fit in to the stereotypes of everyday life; most of us seek enlightenment or try to better ourselves.  The OWRm is dedicated to just that.  Just keep in mind that ideas things will not be forced upon determine your own reality.  Read through all the subject matter before you make a decision about us.
Thanks for stopping by the OtherWorldy Realm.
Lenamy Sakke X~X

A quick note:
A somewhat exhaustive collection of End-Time articles and/or theories is listed on the Metaphysics and Cosmology page.
If you have ANY interest in this topic, please don't hesitate to give it a once-over.

Anything that isn't credited to someone else is open to be quoted or otherwise by anyone that should happen across it. It's for public awareness or general knowledge and is encouraged to be passed along by whatever means necessary, though a mention of the website would be very helpful in spreading any messages or ideas to the masses. Some of this, we feel, is *absolutely* necessary for the opening of minds and doors to those who may not have had any other medium in which to learn of such topics, ideas, theories or discussions, whatever they may be.

If you know anyone who might add to our organization in any way, PLEASE recommend this website to them!

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Please get in touch with us to offer comments. The more information, questions and comments that people submit, the better this site will become. If you have something related to any of our topics, please feel free to send it to Lenamy.

Please keep in mind that this site will always be under construction, even when all the pages are ready.  All submissions are appreciated - just remember that the level of vulgarity should be low and the subject matter should be relevant to the site. Thanks!

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~People are becoming more dark in nature and it's more obvious now than even a few months ago. It's almost as if all the world's negativities are coming to a boil. We have to be careful not to give in too much, not to let our emotions carry us away and allow ourselves to act rashly and without thought. Remember; you can't help stupidity but you can cure ignorance.

~The more aware you are of the subtleties around you, the faster you'll be able to pick up on them in your day-to-day life. The only way to do this is to make yourself pay attention to all the things you see. Watch a bunch of movies and look for all the hidden meanings you possibly can. Or simply watch the interactions between the people around you. Go to crowded places and get used to all the different types of people you can possibly encounter - this'll make it easier to deal with those that you interact with every day.

~Different places will help you meet different people; book stores & coffee shops will normally offer one sort of people while parks and schools will offer another and, in many cases, a melting pot of various personality types and dispositions. The more places you observe from, the more diverse your people, social and spiritual skills will be.

~Just remember in ALL that you do to respect the beliefs and privacy of other people above all!

~We have to learn how to accept everyone for who they are. Those who harm others in any way (be it physically, mentally or spiritually), are not of the light, so we must be careful around these people but do our best to help them. One can fight any inner urges with enough discipline. Even the Bible states, "Hate the sin, love the sinner."

~We must also discern those who have changed and those who haven't, but use good judgement when attempting such. You must learn to observe someone you suspect and watch their true actions and words. This is a good alternative to asking them a series of questions that they can lie their way out of (presuming they would). Better silence than rashness. Of course, we must also be careful when observing people as some do not want to be watched. You can attempt to use peripheral vision to do this but, if they still appear uncomfortable, don't watch them as hard.

~Be attentive to body language and the energies they give off (you can develop this with enough practice, though it may take some people awhile) or even their auras. If they have a black or protective energy around them and seem uncomfortable when you watch them, then don't. You can also disguise observing a person by having a random conversation with them - you can usually start off with, "So what do you think about..." and use something around them they've been looking at. You could always tell them point blank, however, I don't think this would get you very good results. After all, not everybody is spiritually minded.

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